A time waster’s work is never done.

What you are currently reading right now, assuming you are reading this, is the act of procrastination in all its glory. See, I have a presentation to give in… under an hour. The powerpoint is done, my notes are… sort of there, and really when you reach this point, who can be fucked? Somewhere there’s that niggling sensation that I should be poring over my notes, that it’s my duty to my grades and the class to actually commit to this, but like all procrastinators, I’ve reached that point where I think… That’s good enough. For an English Literature student, I do get slightly worried at times about just how little I actually read. I’ve stated before that I find both writing and reading to be intensely lonely activities, and with the internet feeding the ADD bug of the human mentality, I think the only way to get me to read would be to make my homework: Going on Facebook.

Other activities however are going well, sword choreography is now underway, with me reducing (and potentially bastardising) the standard teaching format of the combat positions into my own little system. Trying to blend broadsword weight with the fluidity of fencing is something I should never be trying to achieve, given I’ve never actually been taught who to… y’know, teach sword fighting. However, Jonas the Sherlock Holmes of today in all his wonderful illustriousness has picked it up fantastically and doing a good job of incorporating the moves into his character’s persona, and Martin, speedy and very Martin-like has already added some funky flare to his form. I’m back on with the accommodation application, but more on that tomorrow, should everything go well! With hands held under the table and perhaps a few too many beverages underway, it’s been a fantastic week, despite the fucking miserable weather’s efforts.


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