A stethoscope of lies!

Prescribe this man a drink, stat!

It would appear that when dealing with a hysterical drunk German girl, the best thing to do would not be to tell her, “It’s alright, I’m a doctor”. Some say this would be common knowledge, but my argument that a plastic bottle cocktail of lemonade, Jagermeister, vodka and malibu, with cubes of sugar dipped in for good measure, is anything but common, so anything that follows the consumption of this beverage should follow as thus. Whilst out on the little-remembered, but thoroughly enjoyed Saturday night at Halle 02, my atoms collided with a drunken German lass insisting that she’d been attacked. My sarcastic response as to a fictional medical profession was met with delight and glee, so I had to hurriedly call over a bouncer to deal with the situation. Staying with her a little longer, she calmed down and then asked if I had a girlfriend. Unfortunately she took my response as to my sexuality as a sarcastic insult.

Meaning I am more believable as a young Doctor than a gay man.

With the passing moons, the season of goodbyes has arrived. Friday and Saturday saw the departure of two extremely good friends, Danielle and Sara. In order to attend their semesters in America, they had to leave by this past weekend. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know so many people, which is why such a goodbye leaves an interesting taste in the mouth. To combat this, we all made quiche and pies together! Staying up until the early hours of the morning and conversing in a blend of English, German, French and British “slang”, it was a fantastic night in after a week of Capture the Flagging, late night drinking and hyperactive hugging. The short time each person has in Heidelberg enables you to enjoy the time shared all the more, and so with goofy grins and sloppy kisses, we face the next month of departures in the best way we can, together and insane.


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