A chocolatey wannabe biscuit doodah.

The man, the myth, the Austrian.

For those of you who do not study English Literature at the University of Surrey it is time for you to become educated about one very special man, a man who has touched us all… figuratively, and who with banana analogies, powerpoint battles and a gentile “bye bye!” has saved us from the mediocrity of student life. On Friday, right before heading to the so-called, but immensely enjoyable, “art” gallery in yesterday’s post, us Surreyers were blessed with some heiß shokolade and kuchen under the kind favours of one, Peter Barta. He who started lecturing at Surrey in 1994, has seen the student body evolve from the contentious it’s-cool-not-to-wash mid90s, to the fat 2000s students who spent more time shopping than studying, down to the apparently best behaved, best smelling and most adaptive generation to date; us. Now there’s a bubble to put in your hat and float with.

After years of telling us to watch Monty Python to gain a better insight into James Joyce, he shall be departing from the University along with his linguistically caressing nature, in whose stead I’m sure we’ll agree that understanding Hamlet is not like eating a Banana, and how one minute you are walking along, and then BINGO! You’ve killed your father and it’s off to marry Mum is the perfect description of Oedipus Rex. But we shall always remember that, no matter what hat he wears, he is still Beter Parta.

“Thank you so much for joining us! You see, my being polite was funny because he was late.” You never were, Peter. You never were.

In other news, evidently procrastination can do wonders, as for that presentation I was avoiding last week, we settled in with a very comfortable 1.0 grade! Making it my third in a row! Typical that I would be averaging 100% on an academic course that has nothing do with my actual degree.


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