Frozen frosticles

30 secs on Paint. All you ever need.

Evidently another feature of Heidelberg’s ever changing weather system is its habit of creating spontaneous snow, without a cloud in the sky. The stuff literally sprouted out of the ground itself. Oh, and it’s like -11oC. As Sarah’s status fairly well commented, this is but magic snow. The best there is. Arrives on time, doesn’t stick around. What more could you want from a date? It is also thanks to Sarah that I am reminded of a dark, dark secret, one I thought had been laid to rest… I wish to live in a Musical. If only we could all sing our problems away, arguments would be reduced to well-choreographed dances and we’d all have unlimited energy. I was once was lost but now am found, in the music upbeats of Schwartz, Sondheim, Lloyd-Webber and countless other genii. So thank you Sarah for a lovely night in a re-education.

Grabbing Sunday drinks with the Northern, never Southern, Carolinian Zack saw a venture into a bar called Orange, which proved to have some… fruitful decorative choices. And by this I mean vaginas. Lots and lots of vaginas. Shaved ones, bushy ones, stylised, tattoo and bamboozled. I now understand why a baby’s first action in life is to cry.

Further with the passing days and we see more goodbyes, Saturday was a drunken au revoir to the shaded spectacles of Nico, who with his gravity-defying hair, has embarked back to the land of frog legs and snail sandwiches. Along with him has left the fluttery Birdy, the LANDAN Italian Alessandra, and many more people who will be missed and toasted to in all the best alcoholic, multicultural fashions. If hugs could be posted. One day until I get the key to my new residency, old Neuenheimer Feld. Just in time to then head back to England shortly after.


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