The Sodomy of Murphy’s Law.

Like an uncommitted boyfriend, the snow has up and left, giving us only the residue it was ever even there. I daresay right now it’s off gallivanting with some floozy of a weather system. So today is MOVING DAY!!! Or, it would have been. Had the previous resident actually moved out. It would appear that sometimes, nothing is ever simple and with this in mind, of course one would not be allowed to just move into their new apartment. No, that would be far too easy. So now it’s a waiting game to see how long I shall be stranded before being allowed to move my stuff, thank fuck I told SRH I was moving into Neuenheimer on the 3rd, giving me a couple of days spare.

Old habits die hard and I evidently want them to cling to life. Somehow, after chatting to a Director of some upcoming shows and hearing his worries about the amount/standard of auditions, I gave a spontaneous audition and now landed two roles. Each one a 10 minute play, so thankfully not too much. However, I am now committed to 4 or potentially 5 shows over the next 6 months. Worries about having to drop one are forming, especially if I intend to do the Sprachkurs that was vetoed in favour of Hamlet, thinking the production would’ve been completed by Christmas. Monday and Wednesday eves need to be free for the Sprachkurs, and how possible that is going to be with unclear rehearsal schedules is a slight issue. I want to enjoy myself this year as much as possible, and the more shows the easier this will be, but the Sprachkurs is a good way to cling to reality. Thankfully the extra parts are still fairly small, and the director, Ry, follows the same standard of rehearsals as I know, but there definitely needs to be some thinking done. And hopefully some mature decisions, but let’s not stray too far out of character!



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