Ich bin eine neuenheimer felder!!

Oh yeah, so yesterday, I like totally moved into my new room. I moved into that room so damn good, its mama felt it! All the way to its foundations. Twice the size of my old room, and with actual CURTAINS, by the time I’d completely unpacked, my new Neuenheimer Feld apartment feels more like home than my SRH room ever did. One surprise is both packing and unpacking gave me a bizarre sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. Packing up SRH for some reason took me back to when I packed up my room at the end of first year at Surrey. Taking apart memories that have been strategically placed along your living space, deconstructing your home is a bizarre feeling, it felt somehow wrong. I felt like I was leaving Heidelberg. Unpacking again in Neuenheimer created a second bout of this, though more punctuated with a sense of “where the fuck am I going to put all this shit?”

Seminares have now officially ended, my last one being on the eve of the Wednesday. On reflection, it’s been an exceedingly educational experience studying at a German university for the past 5 months. The style of teaching is intricately different; formalities are abound, there’s no first-name-basis. The experience of literature studies is the alternative route to how it is in England. In England, I found we learned analysis first, even from a young age, we were encouraged to break down literature and critique it. Interpretation was key. This is then furthered on to create an understanding of academic research; to be able to draw a more enlightened view, one must then research. This makes the research then agenda’d as with years of analytical experience, we know or believe we know, what to seek out in research skills. For Germany, it would appear that research comes first. By final year of university, their level of application and analysis mirrors A-Levels, but, as to be expected of Heidelberg, their secondary reading is extaordinary. There’s a grey area of convergence which is where we lie, meeting in the middle, and as someone who detests secondary reading and does everything in his power to avoid research, this should hopefully be a ball-growing experience in the field of Literature academia.


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