Long coat to hide the love stains.

There are those times when you just think, if only I had a cape, then all the world’s issues would be solved. Well, donning my long Doctor Who coat of old may not have saved any lives, but damn was it fabulous. To round off one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long, long time, it came time to perform the public reading of the recently published; “Spectacular, Spectacular!” and who can spell spectacular without really-long-doctor-who-coat? Well, literate people I would assume.

A brilliant experience as all those involved in the editing, writing and publishing of the book came to the event as did many great audience members who all contributed the perfect standard of laughter, cries of shock and applause without the use of cue cards. It was a great way to round off and say Auf Wiedereshen to many of the members, as with the passing end of the semester, many of us are leaving, departing and otherwise getting the hell outta there.

Following this event was the third night out in a row of increasing epic proportions. And evidently increasing prices too. 12.50 for a southern comfort and coke. Fuck. Right. Off. If I ever find Mr O’Reilly… someone’s going to be shaken upside down until all that stolen change gets returned to the rightful people. Of course, this was but a small price to pay for a brilliant night out, and well worth everything that followed.

It’s been a funny old month, returning from England to a Germany that seemed to have grown even more cold in my absence, with penis-shrivelling -12oC mornings and counteracted with ridiculous levels of sunshine that refuse to do anything about the cold but rather mock you, reminding you of the beautiful weather you could be experiencing, only to step out your door and realise you will be incapable of children-making for a long, long time.


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