Fizz, Buzz, Boing.

Speaking of being poked and prodded (as in, my previous, very long, blog all you non-committers) the only time I will allows this will be when you are wearing a long coat and rubber gloves…

Let me rephrase that.

Went into the Doctor’s surgery yesterday, which was fun. This Doctor did not invite me to venture through all of space and time, nor did he walk with a cane and fake American accent giving sarcastic quips. An old scar I’ve had for years decided to remind me that it was still around, becoming ruptured at the end into a blood blister something-or-other. Not sure what it was, and not enjoying that my anatomy was altering through no fault of my own, I popped in for a checkup. When asked to lie down on the bed, perhaps it would’ve been better to avoid accidentally lying in a seductive pose. All is well thankfully, though the Doctor could not provide me with a reason as to how this happened, nor any remedy. I’m good friends with the scar, what with its tendency to split open in the past, so this is just another attempt at seeking my attention, just in case I risked spending too much time on my hair.

Today is going to be an interesting day. An exceedingly awesome, secret-keeping day of wicked magnitude. To the people of that place which isn’t here nor there, keep your eyes peeled. šŸ˜‰


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