There’s a reason for that.

Oh yeah, so I’ve been in England since Saturday. Yeah, I’m an international, cross-channel lying little biatch ūüėÄ Because I’m never really one to deny myself a dramatic entrance, this was sort of, maybe, kept secret from most of MADSoc until I snuck in on Tuesday. What came next was something I could not even begin to comprehend. An entire evening at the workshop filled with hugs, laughter and a healthy helping of innuendo. Oh yeah, there had also been a bar crawl set up in secret for the day of my return. I am actually that much of a spectacle-obsessed knobend.

It’s been a great, great time. Living in a dehumidified basement with the Rambunctious Robert, Wonderful William, Ridiculous Rosie and Jubilant Jennifer. Already I seem to have spent more money in the past couple of days than I did in an entire month in Germany. I miss the cheap, cheap alcohol. Please return to me! Been to see Sherlock Holmes 2 with the¬†sharp blonde haired beauty that is Rosie,¬†a film which is¬†of course nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes at all, but rather a 19th Century James¬†Bond,¬†trading plot for spectacle and doing it wonderfully. Indulged into a late night trip to the Student’s Union, having previously been in bed by midnight, I was entering the club shortly before 1am, where it was a time of spilt drinks and random accostings of so many people I’ve missed these past few months. The new MADSocians are a scarily talented, fantastically hilarious and deeply kindhearted group of weirdos, it’s¬†moving to see the society continue on from strength¬†to strength.

This post is sort of a temporary goodbye for now.¬†The blog is aimed to follow two main things, the progression of writing, and the day-to-day experience of living abroad, with all thoughts and queries that enter my head as a result. It’s meant to be a “study” if you will, of what happens, what changes and who reads it. Whereas now, I’m back in England, the writing is largely finished, I’ve got a lot of work to¬†commit to¬†and not to mention the¬†four 20 page essays I need to complete by sometime in March. There will be the occassional one, such as the fact I’m levelling up and gaining a new age point on Saturday, but otherwise, yeah. It’s been a fun few months, but I think there’s some thinking to be done on my part and some definite decisions to be made. So until then, auf wiedersehen people, thanks to the 6,000 readers so far, I have no clue what on earth possessed you to start reading this, but it’s appreciated all the same.

Time for a nap, I think.


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