Toodle Pip

Like having sex in the snow, it’s important to keep going or else you’re going to feel the omnomnom of the cold biting into your bum. Perpetual movement creates warmth and with that mindset, Heidelberg is in sight, as I rest on my final English evening. Come 6am tomorrow, I shall be loading my car, throwing the cats aside and preparing for the long drive to the world of Heidelberg. Well, I say that’s what I’ll be doing. Most likely, I’ll be curled up under the duvet, dreaming of sexy escapades, fantasy adventures and opera singing dogs, telling my alarm to snooze for just another minute.

It has been, in short, absolutely amazing. I owe Rob, Rosie, Will and Jenny so much. Had my money not deteriorated so far, I wish I could have splashed out on them, or just done more about the house, done something to even further demonstrate my gratitude, but this be a debt I vow shall be repaid, with interest, over the next year. I’m so scared of doing something wrong, that I tend to do nothing at all. I keep myself away from people so as not to step on toes .Such is not the right mentality when friends are involved.

Thank you also, to the groups and societies that welcomed me back as if I hadn’t even been away. I still remember sitting with Rosie, ready to go to the first MADSoc workshop, way back on the 7th February, shivering with nerves that the new members would look at me as a dusty shell of the past. However, whatever dust might’ve been present was brushed off and has contributed to making an absolutely bizarre 8 weeks. Work has been hard, essays have been long, but they’ve all come to a rather climactic end.

Should there be no alteration in my plans, the next time I touch British soil, the Olympics will be finished, Avengers will have hit the cinemas and gone, and many of my friends will have graduated or moved on to bigger things. I have a lot to be thankful for, and even more to look forward to. To all those I’ve seen this passing term, have a fantastic 6 months, I look forward to hearing about them when I come back. Ich liebe euch alle, vielen dank, bis bald!


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