Multilingual parenthood.

It’s a tad worrying when you go to see a film in German and realise you understand more of the innuendos and swear words than the actual plot. Such was the experience last night, after an innocent trip to The Hard Rock Cafe for their delightful €1 beers,  involving catch ups and plannings, Shelby got word of a 10.30pm preview showing at the local cinema, being only 2min walk away we’d be fools to miss the chance. €4 entry and the film is a surprise until you actually get into the cinema.

What we were blessed with was a German dubbed french film, the name of which escapes me, from memory it ran along the lines of “Der Vater und andere atrocitian” … or something. Basically girl didn’t know who her father was hired some actor to pretend to be her father to walk her down the aisle. Turns out the actor’s friend who comes along for the ride is the girl’s real father and apparent hilarity ensues. Or something.

Yeah it’s probably a good point to make that into this cinema, Shelby’s friend Alex snuck in Orange Juice and Vodka. It made the film a lot easier to watch.


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