Cocking Education

I have come to the conclusion that German students are exceedingly sneaky. What they say and what they do vary more than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe. And seem to be just as insane too. After timidly and awkwardly introducing themselves in class, giving off the impression of humble, calm minded, unadventurous students, their written work is driven, sharp and intimidating. Certainly not the stuff you’d expect from someone who said they took the Masters course because they “read the books and really, really liked them.”

So the new Semester has begun and with it, new modules!

Mark Twain Led by what looks like a giant American Einstein gone wrong, this Hauptseminare seems to offer a ridiculously broad analysis of Twain’s literary canon. The class itself was more than a bit quiet, but as I said, this could be nothing more than a deceiving performance. The Professor is wild, intelligent and loud, just my cup of tea. He also doens’t think Secondary Reading is that important. I love him.

The Victorian Age I chose this class partly because I really do not know enough about Victorian Literature, and so far, I’m not sure I will know that much more. In the first session we blasted through Matthew Arnold we left bits of him on the wall. A plus is it’s led by H Grundmann who led Colonialist Shakspeare last year and was one of the reasons I chose to attend, her energy made the insanely packed and ridiculously quiet class interesting.

Unreliable Narration Now this is what I’d been looking forward to. One of my favourite literary theories and ideals… reduced to what felt like the most uninteresting and soporiphic concept ever. Intricate but vastly over complicated as a course, the tutor, though kindspirited, seemed very fixed in her point of view in regards to unreliable narration and didn’t seem to want to sell it to any of us. Rather she wanted us to read her articles that she’s been writing over the past few years. One contentious American student aside, this class was unfortunately rather disappointing. But who knows, maybe she’s just leading an unreliably narrated course and we need to sort out the truth ourselves?

Victorian Britain: An Age in Retrospect. Easiest session I’ve ever had, as the class had been cancelled.

All in all, mixed impressions. Looking forward to seeing these develop. One day left and then 4 day weekend =D


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