Counting those chickens

Shouted at a German man today… A German man. Grermanman? GerMan? Odd conjugations aside, I didn’t actually shout but this was possibly the first time I raised my voice in a store. In the next step of the ever going mobile phone narrative, I had a run in with Vodafone. My €50 sim card deal gives unlimited texting and internet for a further €9 a month, cool. You top up in person and if you’re not there to top up, they move you onto the lower tarriff, cool. As I had been in England, I got moved to the lower tarriff without my knowledge, so ended up getting charged for texts and interwebs. Understandable… I guess.

Went in on Monday, not knowing of this tarriff thingy and was told that I was still on the free text/net deal, so handed up the compulsory €15 to cover it. To find last night I was down to €2, so I went in today and tried to get some info. The man I met, who insisted on talking over me at the start of every question, stated that I was not on the tarriff I was, and would have to buy the tarriff for another €50. He kept telling me I was wrong until I showed him my receipts at which point he realised his mistake, rang them up and switched my tarriff back onto the original setting. However, for this I would have to hand over another €15, but what of the previous €15 that I presumed I was handing over on Monday at the mistake of the member of staff attending? Well, after ten minutes of reiteration, some of the most unintentionally venomous “sir”s I’ve given since secondary school, I appear to have May’s credit for free…But have still had to hand over €30 in 3 days. Bleh.

Received an inadvertent compliment yesterday, in that my brave-face extroverted suit of armour I developed to shield my introverted side, is in fact so convincing that the latter isn’t even noticeable. Maybe there’s hope for the acting yet. For better or for worse. With no classes today as the seminare scheduled has been pushed back by 2 weeks, it’s time for sun frolicking and bier getrinkening! Why butcher 1 language when you can do 2?


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