There’s an outside world?

A conclusion can only be reached through consistent, empirical evidence and with that in mind, I conclude that the Camera is the animal kingdom’s laxative. Going to the Zoo with Lena and a fellow Surrey student who was on holiday, Matt, we were met with teasing posers, each striking a different stance ready to be photographed, to only drop a dump every time our shutters went click. Despite this, and some rather over-eager Goats, it worked out a good first visit the eponymous Heidelberg Zoo. Which is actually a lot larger than I first realised. As is an elephant’s penis which we found out to our dismay when one rather randy Mammoth of a beast attempts to do the sacred dance with a flaunting female, only to get rejected and then try it on with a fellow bloke Elephant.
I have returned to the world of the internet, now that the guy living downstairs with WiFi has finally returned, I was able to exchange the passcode for kleine geld. After having spent so many months resorting to heading into town for the Library PCs, I now have access to all the important things like… emails… facebook… ‘n’ stuff, right from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.


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