Beam me up, Scotty.

Sometimes having a campus set into one giant hill has its benefits, such as on Monday when it came time to stroll our way up the mini-Heidelberg mountain toward the Thingstaette, or amphitheatre. But even all those years climbing Surrey’s steep campus gradient can prepare you for the climb. Now the fifth or so time having climbed that giant hill, the path is well known and the legs are prepared. The party itself was something out of this world, if in sheer size aside from anything else. Back in the late 30s, students of the university, unhappy with the Nazi regime that had taken hold of their country, would be right old rebels, climbing to this Amphitheatre, built in honour of the Reich, to have stimulant-infused celebrations that would make Snoop Dog blush.

Now a yearly tradition, families, students, foreigners even all come on the eve of May 1st to engage in the celebrations. From the early evening to the rather late morning, the night was a fantastic, if bizarre, fusion of Oktoberfest and V Festival.

I have returned to the world of no Internet, the short lived web experience on behalf of the people downstairs has drawn to a close after they decided that having my housemate and myself clinging to their wireless strings was slowing it down too much. Our own Internet is on the way, hopefully it’ll get here before blood is spilt.

In the meanwhile, because I think I classify as a geek, May The Fourth Be With You.


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