Wear you like a Glove(r)


So, Sunday happened. Or at least, I assume it did. After going to see a lovely performance of Hamlet, yes the same Hamlet that I was once a part in but dropped out due to scheduling issues because I am evil man, we had the aftershock party. Where I challenged a German dude of loveliness, Benni, after he told me British guys can’t drink beer, that when he drank, I would drink.

… Conclusively, I cannot drink beer.

One would’ve thought that Oktoberfest was enough to prove that point but alas it would appear I struggle with the simplest of concepts. Thankfully, despite being unable to remember anything post-4am, I have been told I was extremely entertaining. At least, I think that’s a good thing.

With many more good days in the sun and evenings in the warmth, the week has turned sour with a grey overcast, just in time for three of my friends to come visiting! Yay, timing. Still, if MADSoc has proven anything, we’re all… Colourful enough to illuminate the darkest of days. But that’s just because we’re obsessed with being in the spotlight. With a funky middle eastern dance disco thing tonight in Halle 02, the Schlossbeleuchtung firework celebration tomorrow followed by either Karlstor Bahnhof or Villa, not to mention a potential Sunday trip of awesomeness to Karlsruhe with the Babe-butt, the NikeyNike, Regbecca and all the wonderful creatures that promise for a most squelchifyingly fantastic weekend, hopefully the darling Kim, Roz and Nick will return to England with a new love for the Deutschen way! That is if there are any actual food places in Karlsruhe open later than 11pm! Oh Janine how you struggle for your Saharan quest.

… However it’s been 2 hours since their plan should have touched down and I’ve heard nothing. Sparkle search party!!


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