I’ll let you ride my Speyer

One of the many Doms of Speyer

So, decided to have a night in, just because. No harm in it. Facebook chat a few people, relax and sort out committee stuff. Wake up and there’s a chunk of my heel missing and blood on the bed… Maybe I should stick to going out. At least with alcohol I only end up with bruises.

So, with my phone thankfully returned due to the heroic Denis who battled hell and heathen to collect it from the Keller, I am free to roam again. And roam we did, as ol’ Northern Matt and I excursioned ourselves to the little town of Speyer. A town that allegedly appears in the Doomsday book, what better place to go on a Friday afternoon?  Like a smaller version of Heidelberg, with less hills (Yes, Heidelberg is my main point of reference for ALL of Germany), and far more Bavarians, Speyer proved to be a beautiful pocket of Allemagne. Was supposed to be going travelling today but a night of insomnia left me better starved for sleep. Probably best for my wallet. Though after this post is done, it’s onwards to the Neckar for sunshine, giggles and barbecues by the river to celebrate the coming of age of Mr Neil and Sir Graham. Titles are not hierarchy.

With my helpful little surfstick (the credit on which I’m sure I’ll use up within a week), I’ve been able to indulge in a little bit more internet at home, which has helped me see all the beautiful faces of those acquaintances I associate myself with on a regular basis, in the form of bitrated communications online. MADSoc committee meetings sure are a hell of a lot easier when you’re able to see their faces.

… for better or worse…


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